About Anthem

Anthem’s pre-amps, amplifiers and audio/video receivers give you the most advanced tools available to easily connect, control, optimize and power all of your entertainment systems.

Backed by over 20 years of home-grown, hands-on design and innovative audio engineering experience, Anthem products provide an unprecedented level of reliability and functionality; they deliver one of the industry’s highest performance-to-value equations. This is just one reason why Anthem electronics are the choice of knowledgeable audiophiles, professional musicians and engineers the world over.

“The Anthem MRX1120 is the best home theater receiver that I have had the pleasure of ever using.”
Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

Another reason is probably our advanced proprietary technologies, like Anthem Room Correction (ARC®), the industry’s leading audio optimizer. Pros love its accuracy, and casual listeners love the profound results of its easy interface. The non-invasive Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) circuitry in our amplifiers constantly monitors temperature, current and voltage to ensure optimum long-term performance.

In addition, our unique input topology reduces distortion and improves linear response. Our independent power supply design, along with oversized, super-efficient heatsink designs, reinforces the bulletproof stability of Anthem products. In fact, we carefully select all of our internal components, many of which are engineered exclusively in-house at Anthem, like our hand-designed circuit boards and our huge, precision-wound toroidal transformers.

Incredibly, the point of all this high technology is to virtually vanish from the equation, effortlessly delivering pure audio with no trace of coloration or risk of distortion. Anthem products put you front and center with the performance, enjoying the best in two-channel audio or the impact of full-on home theater entertainment (and every variation in between).

And with one glance you’ll see that we’re just like you: We like attractive and functional industrial design. So our products feature clear connection schematics, easy-to-navigate menu systems and sleek, handsome facades that look great in AV racks and on entertainment system shelves.

Anthem products are engineered to be the central controllers of your every entertainment whim, and to deliver astonishingly high performance at a surprisingly reasonable price. Our success is reflected in the constant outpouring of excellent reviews from both the professional audio press and from consumers who want a reference standard performance value, just like you.

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