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MRX 500

» MRX Series » A/V Receiver

Price when discontinued:
$1,499 each USD 

Manuals & Literature

Type Name Size Updated
Datasheet ARC Data Sheet - ARC-1_PDS.pdf 1.64 MB 8/02/2016
Datasheet MRX 700/500/300 Datasheet - MRX Datasheet FINAL_071212.pdf 1.43 MB 8/02/2016
Literature MRX Rack Kit Installation Sheet - MRX_Rack_Kit_Instructions.pdf 0.93 MB 8/02/2016
Literature MRX 700/500/300 Remote Control Data - MRX_Remote_Control_Data_Web_112312.pdf 1.03 MB 8/02/2016
Manual MRX 700/500/300 Manual - mrx_300500700_manual.pdf 8.22 MB 8/02/2016

Remote Codes

Type Name Size Updated
Remote codes MRX RS-232 Codes - anthemMRX_RS-232.071811.zip 9.3 KB8/02/2016
Remote codes MRX 700/500 Multimedia Codes v1.0.1 - MRX 500-700 multimedia v1.1.0.zip 11,248.2 KB8/02/2016


Name Size Updated
ARC-1 Software v3.0.2 19.41 MB 10/16/2013
MRX 500/700 Software Upgrade v50.25 (120 volt) 2.94 MB 10/16/2013
MRX 500/700 Software Upgrade v50.25 (230 volt) 2.93 MB 10/16/2013
MRX Multimedia Upgrade v1.1.0 11.25 MB 10/16/2013


MRX 500

9 years ago

Anthem MRX 500 7.1 A/V Receiver

For my part, I'll take the Anthem's smooth and confident sound, substantial build quality and clean, well-integrated bass any day of the week. Do yourself a favor and audition an Anthem MRX 500 before making a decision on any receiver. You may find that the Anthem MRX 500 has everything you need and everything you want.

—Jim Clements, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
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MRX 500

9 years ago
Great Buy

Anthem MRX 500 A/V Receiver

After setting up and using its built-in Anthem Room Correction, I think the MRX 500 is a fantastic receiver worth every penny of its price. Even if Anthem charged twice as much for the MRX 500, I would still think the price fair -- because of ARC

—Vince Hanada, SoundStage!
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MRX 500

10 years ago
Editor's Choice

Anthem MRX 500 AV Receiver Review

I can say with confidence that the Anthem MRX 500 AV receiver is one of the greatest sounding receivers that I’ve had the pleasure of being entertained by. The on-board Anthem Room Correction system performed a noticeably better job of improving the sound in my room compared to the systems integrated in most, if not all, AV receivers that I’ve listened to in the past...Overall, you might be tempted to think that you’re listening to higher-end separates rather than an AV receiver – yes, the sound is that good

—Suave Kajko, Canada HiFi
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