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$1,199 each USD 

Manuals & Literature

Type Name Size Updated
Datasheet MRX Gen2 Datasheet - MRX710-510-310 Datasheet.pdf 2.11 MB 5/21/2022
Literature MRX Gen2 CAD Technical Drawings - MRX x10 dimensions.pdf 0.36 MB 5/21/2022
Literature MRX Gen2 Rack Kit Installation Sheet - MRX x10 rack kit instructions.pdf 1.93 MB 5/21/2022
Manual MRX Gen2 Manual - mrx-manual-710-510-310-en.pdf 9.47 MB 5/21/2022
Manual MRX Gen2 Manual French - mrx-manual-710-510-310-fr.pdf 9.53 MB 5/21/2022

Remote Codes

Type Name Size Updated
Remote codes MRX Gen2 Remote Control Data - MRX x10 IR hex codes.xls.zip 116.0 KB 5/21/2022
Remote codes MRX Gen2 IP and Serial Control Protocol - MRX x10 IP RS-232.xls 92.7 KB 5/21/2022


Name Size Updated
Anthem Room Correction Software 0.03 MB 6/29/2018
MRX 310 Software Upgrade v1.2.9 (120 volt) 1.15 MB 7/13/2015
MRX 310 Software Upgrade v1.2.9 (240 volt) 1.15 MB 10/16/2013


MRX 310

9 years ago
Best Sound Receiver

The Best Receiver

If you’re looking to step up to something that sounds even better... the Anthem MRX-310 is a great choice. It produces accurate results for crossover and frequency response (a rarity), and allows you to optimize your system for both movies and music with different settings. It can also take the room into account to determine the appropriate volume level...

—Chris Heinonen, The Wirecutter
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MRX 310

10 years ago

Anthem MRX 310 Audio/Video Receiver Review

Anthem really impressed me with this receiver, even more so than I was initially expecting. With an excess of capable A/V receivers out there vying for your attention, it may be easy to overlook the Anthem MRX 310 because it doesn’t have the latest “gee whiz” features. That would be a serious mistake. This receiver makes you reassess what’s really important for the front end of your home theater. In this case, sometimes 5.1 channels can be as good as or better than 7.1 for the right size room. Quality amplification and componentry are more important than having another box that streams stuff. The Anthem Room Correction System is, in my opinion, a superior method to help get the best sound from your speakers and room. The onboard amplification is of excellent sonic quality and its capability is robust, belying the modest power and load ratings. You can add more power later if you need it as an extra bonus. These are things that matter in our little hobby and they translate into a longer term value for the up-front investment that you make. I had a great time listening to MRX 310 and it was honestly hard to send this one back when I was done. So who would pay around $1200.00 for this 5.1 channel receiver with a hell of a nice sound quality? If I was in the market……I would.

—Carlo Lo Raso, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity
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MRX 310

10 years ago

Trusted Reviews Recommended
Score: 9/10 Overall

Anthem MRX 310 review

The MRX 310 delivers powerful, focused and finessed sound quality, the likes of which you’d expect from a receiver costing twice as much. But what seals the deal is ARC 1M, which we consider to be the best room correction system on the market. The way it polishes performance to suit your room acoustics is nothing short of a revelation, and because it’s controlled via Ethernet, it’s now easier to use than ever. Combine this with user-friendly operation, top-drawer build quality, plentiful HDMI inputs and an attractive design and you've got an AV receiver that enthusiasts really can’t afford to miss... The marvellous MRX 310 improves on its predecessor with a revamped room correction system, easier operation and more sockets, and thankfully its sound quality is just as mind-blowing.

—Danny Phillips, Trusted Reviews
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