MRX 300

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Price when discontinued:
$999 each USD 

Manuals & Literature

Type Name Size Updated
Datasheet MRX 700/500/300 Datasheet - MRX Datasheet FINAL_071212.pdf 1.43 MB 5/21/2022
Datasheet ARC Data Sheet - ARC-1_PDS.pdf 1.64 MB 5/21/2022
Literature MRX Rack Kit Installation Sheet - MRX_Rack_Kit_Instructions.pdf 0.93 MB 5/21/2022
Literature MRX 700/500/300 Remote Control Data - MRX_Remote_Control_Data_Web_112312.pdf 1.03 MB 5/21/2022
Manual MRX 700/500/300 Manual - mrx_300500700_manual.pdf 8.22 MB 5/21/2022

Remote Codes

Type Name Size Updated
Remote codes MRX RS-232 Codes - anthemMRX_RS-232.071811.zip 9.3 KB 5/21/2022


Name Size Updated
ARC-1 Software v3.0.2 19.41 MB 10/16/2013
MRX 300 Software Upgrade v50.25 (120 volt) 2.94 MB 10/16/2013
MRX 300 Software Upgrade v50.25 (230 volt) 2.93 MB 10/16/2013


MRX 300

11 years ago
Trusted Reviews Recommended
Score: 9 Stars

Anthem MRX 300 review

It provides a room filling sound without cranking the volume too high, but when pushed it flat out refuses to distort. Bass is of the highest order too, making every gunshot or explosion punch right into your gut. ARC deserves a special mention here. After room correction, the sound is tighter and more focused, with less bass boom from the subwoofer that stops it overpowering the other speakers.

—Danny Phillips, Trusted Reviews
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MRX 300

13 years ago
Sound & Vision Top Pick

Anthem MRX 300 A/V Receiver

The Anthem MRX 300 is the first A/V receiver to bring Anthem Room Correction below the psychologically potent $1,000 price point. It would be noteworthy for that alone. But there’s more. The AnthemLogic-Music mode is remarkably fine and may be especially well suited for systems whose center speakers are less than perfectly timbrematched. Dolby Volume is a superb addition for any system that you’ll use for movies. Altogether, this is a very impressive AVR and a must-hear.

—Mark Fleischmann, Sound & Vision
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