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Manuals & Literature

Type Name Size Updated
Datasheet MRX 8K Data Sheet - anthem-mrx-gen4-8k-spec-sheet-rev0.pdf 9.82 MB 7/26/2022
Literature MRX x40 Technical Drawings - MRX-X40-Dimensional.PDF 2.61 MB 5/21/2022
Manual MRX x40 Manual
Quick Start Guide MRX Quick Start Guide - anthem-mrx-1140-740-540-avm90-70-quick-start-guide-051121-ONLINE.pdf 2.86 MB 5/21/2022
Firmware change log MRX 540 8K Firmware change log (2.3.213) **Current

Anthem Room Correction (ARC®)


ARC Genesis Version 1.6.10 requires your MRX x40 or AVM 70/90 to be on at least Network Module Version 1.109.164 and Host Firmware Version 00.68. If you have Auto updates enabled, your MRX x40 or AVM 70 will update overnight to Network Module Version 1.109.164 or 1.111.182 (AVM 90). This update will include Host Firmware Version 00.68 for your MRX x40 or AVM or HD.73 (AVM 90) to unlock the most highly anticipated feature on the new MRX x40 and AVM 70/90 Series Models.

We are pleased to announce the release of ARC Genesis Version 1.6.10, including the newly developed Anthem Auto Phase, Distance, and Time Alignment for up to four independent subwoofers on the MRX x40 and AVM 70/90 (model dependent), adding to the capabilities and further refining the already outstanding performance of ARC. With the addition of phase, distance, and time alignment, ARC:G will now precisely integrate subwoofers into your system for the ultimate immersive listening experience.

If you have Auto updates enabled in the menu, the Network Module Version and Host Firmware Version should update overnight to 1.109.164 and 00.68 (MRX x40 or AVM 70) or 1.111.182 and HD.73 (AVM 90), completing the installation process the next time you power on your system.

If not, please follow the instructions below to enable Auto Updates on the MRX x40 and AVM 70/90. Once done, the unit will complete the installation process the next time you power on your system.

Front Panel Menu

  • Press Setup Button on Remote or Menu Button on Front Panel
  • Navigate to "Preferences"
  • Enable Auto Updates
Type Name Link
Software Anthem Room Correction Download

Remote Codes

Type Name Size Updated
Remote codes MRXx40/AVM90/AVM70 IR Hex - AVM-MRXx40-IR-hex.xlsx 126.6 KB 5/21/2022

Control drivers

Name Size Updated
Control4 MRX540 Driver 0.33 MB 8/09/2022
Crestron MRXx40 / AVM 90 / AVM 70 Module 3.51 MB 2/25/2022
Elan MRXx40 Module 0.31 MB 12/02/2021
RTI MRXx40 / AVM 90 / AVM 70 Driver 0.57 MB 4/21/2021
URC MRXx40 / AVM 90 / AVM 70 Module 0.56 MB 3/06/2021


  • *Certified Savant Profiles Available in RacePoint Blueprint Programming Software Library.
  • *Crestron Home drivers are available to download on Crestron's driver library website.